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Jul. 20th, 2011

 You know, LJ, I don't know why I ever abandoned you. You're probably one of the only places on the internet I'm not being stalked by people I know personally. I take comfort in knowing that I can just blabber on here without the pressure of watching what I say.

So let's get a run down on the stupid problems of my life. 

Some time around July 8th, I told the fine dude that I fancy that, well, I fancy him. Only to get rejected by a tumblr post a week and a half later. Ouch. That really, really hurt. Alas, I'm getting over it slowly.

I also need a job, however no one will hire me. Am I too unappealing? Do you have too many employees at the moment? I'm not a trust fund baby like some people around here, I need to pay for college damnit.

In January, I learned that we have been renting our house from some crazy lady and that we were being evicted. Wonderful, right? My dad didn't even let me access my bank account to get the money we needed to live somewhere without his new wife's convincing. Thanks a lot dad. But we got a place, so it's okay I guess. 
My mom had a heart attack at the end of February. Which was just wonderful. No insurance, plus she still can't work for a while. Hence why I really need a job but no one will fucking hire me goddamnit.

And I'm a loser. 
That just about covers it :|


 I'm tired, man.



 I'm tired.

I've been up for a long time. 

No sleep till Brooklyn. Which will be a while. I have no car or license. 



 I did want to do a sims legacy here, but I said fuck it. This will be my personal journal :D (my other, old one is koolmcr712, which is the same thing only not). 

So, let's get down to business. I'm Sam. I'm 15. I feel old. I am not blind to the world around me, unlike other people my age. I love alot of people in friendly and romantic ways and I also don't like alot of people. I stay up all night, I don't really like to sleep. 

Moo is a good word, so I'd thought this would be the story of Moo. Good title, I think. 

I like to draw and write and various other things (Shamless D.A. promotion: koolmcr.deviantart.com/). i like the Sims, I like playing video games over all. I also like music. 

I feel the need to space things out alot for no reason.

I live in Pennsylvania, Delaware County to be exact. I have alot of other 'blogs' but I don't really like updating them. I'm
not a 
blog person.

If there's a person with the username koolmcr or UnityRiot it's pro
bably me. I've had the username koolmcr since I was 11 joining my first forum for My Chemical Romance in 2005. I was annoying, but eventually I learned how to type but the name stuck (Coolmcr sounds weird to me.). I made up UnityRiot not long ago because people tend to hate My Chem and I don't like/want to be bashed certain places, like forums for other bands and shit like that. 

This is sounding like a FAQ. 

I like the show Avatar The Last Airbender. I'm not really one of those crazy people you see spazzing over the show. It's a well done cartoon. There's none of those anymore. 

It's 5:30 am 

I said something about love earlier. I know I'm 15 and 'don't know a thing about love'. That's shit. I'm don't like being contradicted by other, older people who think they're hot shit because they 'know more than me'. I've been in love twice in my life. Still not over either one of them. I'm like a dog in the way that you can beat me down to the point were I'm bleeding out of my ears, but I'm still loyal enough to come back. The two people I love in two completely different ways, one a girl, one a guy, both were and still are constantly neglagent to me and our friendships or romantic ordeals, but still I love them.

I am straight. Gay and bi people are cool, though. I don't understand why Gay marriage is such a big deal. Two people who love each other and want to make it offical to the whole world should be able to. Screw religion. 

Speaking of religion, I am an atheist. I like to read about other religions, though. Everyone pretty much has their own flaws in religion with being too faithful to their god(s) and worship figures and other stuff. Whatever, though. Their life, their deal. LaVeyan Satanism (Church of Satan) is a cool religion, though. You're your own god. Seek out to please yourself. 

I'll shut up now. Have fun. Adios.


-Sam '2009'




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